Who needs a tax attorney?

Who needs a tax attorney?

Although matters related to taxes and IIRS are important, they can be full of hassles. Issues related to taxes start cropping up during the tax season. You will be in a dilemma whether you should focus of your wok or take care of your taxes. You will be also worried about incurring any penalties and legal actions from the IRS, in case you miss out on some conditions or due date while filing your returns.

The various processes of IRS are quite complicated and are full of legalese. Not everyone has the time or energy to rack their brains to understand the legal procedures and numerous forms of the IRS. In such cases, it is best to consult a professional who know the intricacies of taxes and IRS inside out; a tax attorney is the person to go to handle tax-related cases.

Tax attorneys not only handle taxes and IRS related issues, but also deal with domestic and international business cases, and estate planning. They also provide assistance for settlement negotiations and litigation cases. Tax attorneys are the experts to go to when you have cases and legal problems related to real estate management, finance, estate planning, asset management as well as tax problems. Tax attorneys help in disentangling technical and legal problems related to your finances.

Tax attorneys should be consulted by people who need to do the following:

  • Estate planning for a complex and large estate
  • Plea a case in US Tax Court
  • File an audit appeal
  • Need tax advice for a new business
  • Need advice for an ongoing IRS audit on an owned business
  • Need to do negotiations for payment of taxes
  • File against wrong disclosure or wrong levy of taxes
  • Require advice regarding contracts, taxes and legalities related to international business
  • Fight against tax fraud or tax evasion charges
  • Deal with IRS tax disputes
  • Need to communicate with the IRS to clear tax-related legal hassles.

The tax attorney will give advice, break down the legal procedure for you and appear in the court on your behalf. Generally, people tend to consult tax attorneys after a problem crops up: they have been handed a penalty or notice from the IRS or they are facing conflicts in their estate management. This is not only an individual problem, but businesses and estates face these problems too. It is recommended that tax attorneys be consulted in advance to avoid future legal hassles related to tax management.

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