Where are large cotton swabs used

Where are large cotton swabs used

Cotton swabs are often identified as items that can clean excess ear wax and debris from ear canals. Now, whether or not they are safe is a matter of debate. Something that not many know is that cotton swabs come in a variety of sizes. This article will discuss some of the common applications of large cotton swabs.

Medical examination
Medical practitioners often use large cotton swabs for a variety of purposes. With the help of large cotton swabs, they can easily and comfortably gather specimens for various examinations. These include laboratory cell research, GYN/OB examination/ preparation, proctoscopy exams, and so on. These are large and soft enough so that they can reach large areas and collect cells and fluids. The large cotton swabs used for medical examination purposes are highly sterile and are often wrapped individually.

Clean debris and wax from dog’s ears
It is rightly said that not one size fits all — the ear tips you use to clean your ears are not appropriate for your dog. The large cotton swabs used to clean the wax from a dog’s ears are generally made of sturdy and natural wood and the right selection of cotton. The stick portion is long enough so that the cotton swab can reach down your dog’s ears. Also, these swabs are large enough so that they don’t create a poking sensation.

Cleaning computer peripherals
You might be of the opinion that a soft cloth is sufficient enough to clean computer peripherals. The fact is that over a while, computer peripherals such as keyboards accumulate a lot of dust in areas where a normal cloth or tissue cannot reach. Experts suggest that you dip a large cotton swab into rubbing alcohol and carefully clean peripherals such as keyboards and screens. It is essential to ensure that the liquid doesn’t rest on your peripheral.

Reach critical areas of objects that are vulnerable
Large cotton swabs are large and gentle enough to reach and fix areas that normal brushes cannot otherwise reach. Let’s have a look at a few such applications. For cleaning your dusty precious jewelry that has been resting in your cupboard for years, a large cotton swab is sufficient enough to make it look shining as new since it can easily clean out typical and detailed areas. Another place where you can use large cotton swabs is a wall that has chipped paint. All you need is a matching color and a large cotton swab.

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