What you need to know about birdhouses

What you need to know about birdhouses

If you love watching birds, you may already own a pair of binoculars. There are many ways to attract birds around your residence. One of the easiest ways to attract more birds to your backyard is to invest in a birdhouse and find a safe spot for it. There’s a lot that goes into choosing wild bird supplies, and one of which includes picking out a birdhouse. We’ll help you with choosing the right one.

Every bird belongs to a type of birdhouse
Yes, it’s true. All birds vary in size and shape, and so do their needs to nest in. Let’s go by examples to understand this better. Bluebirds are a species that needs to feel safe; hence they prefer nesting in birdhouses that are intimate. The entry should be about 1 ½ inch in diameter, and it should be away from the floor to prevent predators from attacking their eggs or babies. Contrary to these needs, Purple Martins love to nest in colonies and prefer having more than one entrance to their nests. So, depending on what birds are native to where you reside should be your first step of research before you buy a birdhouse.

Understanding the materials of a birdhouse
Birdhouses are available in many sizes, shapes, and materials. There are birdhouses made of wood, metal, fabric, ceramic, plastic, and gourd, among others. They should all be easily available at wild bird supplies stores. But you may want to pay attention to the cons of each material. The plastic ones are light and cheap but won’t last very long. As for the metal ones, they can’t protect the birds from the hot or cold weather. Birdhouses made from fabric may attract many birds, but they could fail to protect the birds from rains and harsh, stormy weather. Wood and gourd are your best options but let us enlighten you that the birds absolutely love nesting in gourds. It gives them more space to thrive than in gourds, claims many sources.

Types of birdhouses
Keeping their size, shape, and materials aside, there’s another aspect you may want to decide before stepping into a wild bird supply store. Birdhouses can either be mounted, hung by the roof or a tree, or can be mounted against the walls or fences. Look for a spot your native birds may be comfortable living in and make a choice accordingly. Some birds like to be at a certain height, some like being amidst nature, and may even be comfortable being around a human home. One has to do thorough research on specific bird species and their living preferences.

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