Top reasons to choose a Hoveround power chair

Top reasons to choose a Hoveround power chair

Power chairs are motorized alternatives to the traditional wheelchairs that provide mobility for people with disability. It allows a person to navigate using the controls in the armrest. There are also other variants, which would help navigate using several other bodily movements or voice instructions for a person with restricted arm movement. These chairs are meant to facilitate mobility both indoors and outdoors.

Types of Hoveround power chairs
Hoveround is a favorite brand offering highly efficient power chairs for over 25 years. The unique design supports easy navigation through narrow spaces and tight corners without causing damage to the surrounding or the power chair itself. A person can be seated comfortably resting the legs on the footrest and move around by controlling a joystick in the armrest.

Hoveround power chairs come in two categories – standard power chairs and heavy duty power chairs. The heavy-duty power chairs are intended for the use of people with a bigger body frame. Each category features two variants.

The standard power chair models include MPV5 and Grand Touring Package and the second category includes Teknique XHD and Teknique HD6 models. They provide excellent ground clearance and utmost comfort while riding. The MPV5 is a highly-recommended power chair for its ease of maneuverability. You can ride it at a maximum speed of 5mph and can withstand up to 300 lbs. This would let you get back on track with your life with a newfound independence.

The Hoveround Corporation has complete control over the manufacturing and the assembly process to ensure quality and safety of the product. They provide free delivery to the patients who require a power chair as advised by a physician and also conduct training to equip you with the knowledge to handle the power chair in an efficient manner. The manufacturer also ensures that the pathways are suitable for usage and provides customizations, if required.

Get out there and in style
Hoveround power chair come with a host of accessories, which can be purchased online. These include simple yet practical accessories such as cup holder, cane holder, and collapsible grabber. You can also purchase a backpack, side tote bag or crutch holder, which fits well with the chair and can be carried around with ease. You can even get a holder for a portable oxygen tank. The holder is available in both round and square shape.

There is also a Powerchair manual that is available for purchase, to understand the vehicle better. Apart from these, the much-needed battery charger, replacement battery, wheelchair ramps and flat-free tires are a must buy. Vehicle lifts and car carriers are also available. Further, get a Red or Blue signature series color panels and personalize you Hoveround power chair to ride in style.

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