Tips to travel with an ADHD-affected child

Tips to travel with an ADHD-affected child

It can be very challenging to travel with your ADHD child because it disturbs their daily routine. But with some planning, you can make your trip very pleasant and enjoyable. To keep your child happy and have fun during your vacation, you need to follow these simple strategies.

Children with ADHD don’t like it when their routine is disturbed. So prepare your child in advance. Talk to him/her about your travel plans. Sit down with them and discuss why you are traveling and to where so that your child is aware of the plans ahead of time rather than taking it as a surprise. Also, tell them what you are going to do on your vacation. Ask them for their suggestions and try to include their inputs in the plan so that they can feel included. Be flexible and offer them various options to choose from so that their choices are open.

Traveling schedule:
Your child will find it stressful to keep up with a tight travel schedule. So, plan some breaks every two hours. Find a place where your can child can play for a while before resuming the journey again. If you are traveling on back to back flights, opt for a long layover so that your child can eat and relax. Walk around the airport with your child rather than sitting in the lounge to make him/her reset the focus.

Also, be sure to include bathroom breaks, meals and nap times in your plan. Having them planned makes your traveling schedule very easy. Be prepared to entertain your ADHD child during the travel time. Otherwise, the child can become frustrated and impatient and it will become difficult for you to handle. Bring in some interactive toys and games to keep the child occupied.

If your child is on medication for ADHD symptoms, be sure to pack all the medications. Also, keep the prescription in hand just in case you need it during travel. Do not put the medicines in the check-in luggage. Always carry them along with you. Carry enough medications to last the entire vacation.

Relaxation techniques:
Practice some relaxation techniques with your child to calm him down when he gets upset during the travel. You can start by telling your child to approach you when he or she has an argument with a friend or a relative. Gently, keep reminding them of the rules and guidelines of travel. If they get frustrated with constant sitting, change their focus on to games and puzzles.

Appreciate good behavior:
When you appreciate your child’s good behavior, it reminds them of their strengths. It also boosts their confidence levels. Reward them with a star on the chart for their good behavior. Let them earn a treat for being good and following the travel rules.

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