Tips for designing your bathroom

Tips for designing your bathroom

Bathrooms can be an abode of bliss and showers or a nightmare of mold and cold, but we’re here to help you. You can read through the following helpful tips and design your very own bathroom paradise today with a little help from Littlewoods:

Get some luxe bathrobes
Nothing screams luxe like a 5-star hotel with lush bathrobes. Bathrobes make your bathroom warm and inviting. Go for classic white or brighten it up with a pop of color.

Stock up on posh bath products
Buy some essential bath items such as soap, shampoo, and various other bath products. Display attractively within reach to make your bathroom experience pure heaven.
You can get a storage drawer or unit which can help you keep track of your bath supplies and make organizing them easier. The heart shaped handles on them add a touch of delightful whimsy to your bathroom too.

Get a laundry bag
Laundry bags not only add a touch of finesse to your bathroom but also helps keep you organized. Get a laundry bag and make your life after shower hassle-free.

Add a touch of color
Bathrooms can liven up moods based on their themes. Get a bathroom designer who knows his trade and color the walls and surroundings. You can opt for wood flooring for warmth and elegance. Choose a mood you want to portray and bring it to life with a tasteful color palette.

Shower accessories
If your shower head drips or doesn’t provide a steady stream of water, consider an upgrade. A new shower head from Littlewood’s isn’t expensive to buy or install and can make your shower experience much more pleasant. A shower head on a hose provides extra functionality and ease of use.

Luxurious towels
Invest in quality towels in a matching set. Mix and match colors or have a complete set in one shade. Neutral tones are classic and cool, while brights are for a fun, quirky look. Quality linen adds a touch of opulence. Stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel is an affordable luxury.

Choose a mirror
A great mirror can make the room appear bigger and reflects light to create an airy space. Find an antique mirror with a pleasing shape and frame and adhere it to the walls of your bathroom. Admire your new bathroom from every angle!

Bathroom accessories
Littlewoods offers an array of quality bathroom furnishings rubbish bins, bathroom scales, toothbrush holders, shower curtains, and towel rails to name a few. Choose from modern chrome, classic white porcelain or bright colored accessories and run that theme throughout your bathroom.

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