The basics of bundling cable TV and internet services

The basics of bundling cable TV and internet services

What is bundling?
To bundle cable TV and cable internet packages and services is to combine both as a single pack. By bundling cable television and internet you get numerous offers like price discounts, installing both at one time, pay single bill for all services and lots more from the same dealer. In this digital age, everything is computerized combining computer, smart phones, tablets, digital TV and internet. With this service, you get to enjoy both watching TV and using a high speed internet in one place. You may purchase both connections from the same dealer at substantial price discounts from the cost of individually purchased lines. This allows the customers to enjoy more services by saving money on each.

Types of bundle deals
Triple Pay Bundle is a package that includes phone, internet and TV connection. Usually a bundle service is got through phone or cable company these days you can also bundle service with satellite TV company through a phone company. This package is perfect for people who would like to have all the services at one place for an effective price. You can pick any two services and make it a Double Pay Bundle and still benefit on saving. You can bundle telephone company with a TV company but it does not provide phone services like DirecTV or Dish. Firstly, you pick the TV plan and then bundle it with phone or internet plan with a telephone company and pay two companies in a single bill. Bundling with cable companies is also possible. Few cable companies provide internet and phone services along with a TV service. This way the cable company will not have any tie ups with other companies which makes it less expensive because the server is all the same.

How to shop bundles
Discussing with a single dealer don’t jump into conclusions as they might try to project to be the best. Comparing the multi-service plans is a challenging job as every plan and every company varies in channel packages, internet download speeds and calling plans. You can purchase bundles from a single company or join with other as per your need but be specific in the plans you choose without falling as a prey for data traps.

Pros and cons
Choosing a bundle plan will save you more on installation charges as you call for a single agent for setting up phone, internet and TV connection. Be aware of certain providers who gives separate installation fees on each service keeping you wait for hours for the installer to arrive. With a single provider, the consumer can clear any problems or doubts with all the connections in one time. The only disadvantage with bundling is that the provider may ask you to sign a minimum of two years’ agreement and assess penalties if the consumer does not go according to the contract.

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