Revamp your kitchen with the latest cooktops at affordable prices

Revamp your kitchen with the latest cooktops at affordable prices

No matter how big or small is your kitchen, having the latest cooktop is essential so that you can cook conveniently. You might not be able to install state-of-the-art cooking equipment and large appliances as shown on the cooking shows or magazine spreads. However, you can still revamp your kitchen with the latest cooktops that are designed to suit modern requirements. For cooking enthusiasts, brands have launched cooktops with wall ovens to accommodate flexibility and versatility. Some of the latest cooktops can also be placed on the open platform area of the kitchen.

In the market, there are three variants of cooking appliances available namely range, cooktop, and stove which more or less look similar. A unit that encompasses a cooktop with multiple burners on the top and an oven below is referred to as a range. A cooktop is an appliance operated using gas, electricity or induction that can be purchased separately or as part of a range. Generally, a stove is an umbrella term for referring anything that cooks food using different methods. The following are some of the latest cooktops, which you can consider purchasing according to the kitchen design and your cooking habits. The best part is that you can buy them at affordable prices.

  • Empava 24″ This is the latest cooktop from the brand that features a stove made from stainless steel having four burners powered by gas. The knobs of this durable product are dishwasher safe ensuring quick, convenient cleaning. This version comes with a tag of $239.99 and is worth every penny spent.
  • Broan The Broancooktop range is available in six different colors to suit the personality of every cook. Moreover, the series is engineered in a manner so as to ensure that the air quality inside the house is maintained. It comes with a charcoal filter that can be removed and also a lamp that is convenient for cooking in the dark.
  • Frigidaire This brand has established a mark for itself by introducing world class latest cooktops in the market. An absolute delight for chefs and homemakers alike, this appliance is capable of fitting snugly in any area of the kitchen. The latest cooktops by Frigidaire start from the range of $359.
  • Empava 34″ Empava is known for incorporating Italian burners in its latest cooktops. The large size along with numerous burners ensures effortless boiling, simmering, warming and searing in multiple pots together. The glass panel has been created to provide a sleek finish to the appliance. The price of this latest cooktop online is $229.99.

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