Quirky-themed restaurants for a spunky you

Quirky-themed restaurants for a spunky you

Dining with your friends and family is always a pleasant experience. A fine dining is always the safest choice when you wish to go on a date or take your family for dinner. The ambiance is calm and you are supposed to dress appropriately. You would definitely enjoy the calm dining experience and relish the food served to you. If you are the adventurous kind or love experimenting with new places, then you might not want limit this inquisitive nature of yours just to trekking or visiting new places. You can extend this eagerness of trying new things to your cuisines as well and not limit yourself to a fine dining.

People have become very creative these days and it knows no limits. You would find yourself face-to-face with various innovations that has gripped the imagination of various restaurateurs. Their restaurants are not just fine dining restaurants anymore, they are governed by various themes. Here are some of the best and quirky themed restaurants that is now on everyone’s wishlist.

  • The DC Comics Superheroes Cafe- This superhero cafe in Singapore is inspired by everyone’s all time favorite idols- the DC Comics superheroes. You can dine at their superhero inspired diner and the menus too are theme-based. Find your inner child here and treat yourself to an amazingly œsuper dining experience
  • Dine in the sky at Belgium- If you are the adventurous kind and wish to experience instances which boosts your adrenaline, then try the œRestaurant in the sky type of dining. This would be one-of- its-kind experience. All the customers would be dining 150 feet up in the air!
  • Ithaa, the undersea restaurant, Maldives- This amazing restaurant allows its customers to dine right in the middle of the Indian Ocean. You would get the opportunity of witnessing the majestic marine life and the colorful corals while dining with your companion
  • Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines- If you are a water baby and wish to experience the pristine beauty of nature, this restaurant is the one for you. The water from the Villa Escudero falls would tickle your feet while you calmly enjoy your lunch on tables made of bamboos
  • The Ninja Restaurant, New York- The Ninja themed restaurant in New York is a huge hit among all sections of the population. You would find yourself in a 15th century Japan with a feudal setup. The waiters would be dressed up as ninjas and adapt their few mannerisms.

These different themed restaurants take some getting used to but have garnered a lot of fan-following in recent times. So, give in to your adventurous side and make a dash to either of these restaurants.

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