Popular agencies that use mobile patrol app

Popular agencies that use mobile patrol app

The mobile patrol application is a handy application that is set up primarily for use by law enforcement agencies to keep citizens informed about their community’s crucial criminal information, real-time safety news, offender notifications, alerts and crime updates, and more. The app also helps citizens report crimes or criminal instances promptly.

The application comes handy if you wish to get access to most wanted offenders, sex offenders, missing children, reported issues, warrants, mobile patrol inmate search, and the like. Many law enforcement agencies are active users of the application and furnish citizens with all the crucial information regarding their neighborhood, community, and vicinity. Some of the organizations that are proud users of the mobile patrol inmate search application have been listed below.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office
This is the first law enforcement agency in Maryland that utilizes the mobile patrol technology. The agency is known to efficiently reach out to the community through this popular smartphone technology. Through the application, the county publishes mobile patrol inmate search, victim information notification program, and the like that allows victims to track their offender’s status.

Oakland County Sherriff’s office
This law enforcement body dedicated to the safety and protection of the citizens within their boundary The agency has a website that declares its participation in the mobile patrol application. The body provides citizens a brief rundown of the app’s functions along with its striking features like crime notifications, mobile patrol inmate search, inmate status changes, information regarding most wanted convicts, sex offenders, and more. In addition to the mobile patrol app, Oakland County Sherriff’s office makes use of several technologies to ensure increased safety and destruction of crime. The sheriff’s office provides critical information on inmate locator, records unit, OCSO’s most wanted fugitives, sex offenders, Osco news, and more.

Broome County Sheriff’s Office
This Sheriff’s office is an active participant of the mobile patrol app since 2013 and periodically posts relevant criminal news, alerts, and updates on the app and other social media platforms. The law enforcement body is prompt in posting actual crime and charges on the mobile patrol inmate search option on the application. The county believes in the application’s goal of public protection and safety and endorses its ideology of connecting with the community by making use of the mobile patrol application and all its features. The county also actively works on resolving issues related to the app.

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