Loan payment calculator for all loans

Loan payment calculator for all loans

To save money on your loans, use the various loan calculators available online during the preparatory phase. Using these calculators gives you an idea of how much you can afford, how much you can borrow and an approximate monthly repayment figure.

Personal loan calculator
A personal loan is an excellent tool to revive your finances, like consolidating your credit card debt and to meet the exigent needs. Personal loan calculators available online, use interest rate, loan term and principal amount as variables to calculate the total loan repayment amount. Interest rates vary from lender to lender. It is possible that some online lenders do not consider any fees that may be a part of the loan. The purpose of the personal loan calculator is to estimate monthly payments and total interest paid. Use the available online tools as a part of you loan pre-work and not as an abiding agreement.

Student loan calculator
When it comes to repayment of student loans, the annual salary required to match the monthly loan repayments has to be considered by the student borrower. Some federal student loans require a fixed minimum monthly payment, like 50$. Separate calculators are available for those with multiple student loans (look for Weighted Average Interest Rate Calculator). Some student loans allow the borrower to pay extra payments when possible thereby reducing their interest pay back load. Most online calculators do not factor this.

Most common variables used for calculation are your loan balance, interest rate and the term of your loan. The main assumption of these online calculators is that the entire loan balance will be repaid within the specific repayment term. Student loan deferment calculators will help you arrive at the interest you will acquire while deferring your student loans.

Public service loan forgiveness calculator
Those working in particular non-profit and government sector jobs may be eligible to have their federal student loans forgiven after having repaid the loan for at least ten years. This loan calculator lets you know the approximate amount of money that can be forgiven. The assumptions made by the calculator are generic in nature, and thus the results are not accurate.

Car loan payment calculator
The variables used are the principal amount, the term of the loan, interest rate and rebates. The term of the loan and down payment amount affects the monthly payment.

Mortgage calculator
The variables considered are the principal amount, balance amount, interest, property tax, fees applicable, loan term, PMI (property mortgage insurance), LTV (loan to value), homeowners insurance, and HOA (home owners association) dues. There are certain calculators that provide amortization schedule too.

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