How to track down your lost MetroPCS phone

How to track down your lost MetroPCS phone

To track down your lost phone, you do not need to go for extreme options like filing a police complaint. The best way to track your phone is by using a tracking software that is previously installed on your phone. You need a software that could turn on your phone even when the phone is switched off. Wavesecure, Antidroid, iTag, and Lookout mobile security are few authentic apps that would work well on mostly all smart phones and control it remotely as well.

An alternative option is tracing locations of the mobile and tracking where the number is calling from is handy in most of the devices. It all depends on how much money you want to spend, how much information you want to gather, and why you want this information. All mobile companies will have their own tracking options and the same goes for MetroPCS.

Search through Google:
This is a very basic thing one would do to know the mobile holder’s name. Just by typing in the mobile number in the search bar, you can extract a lot of information about the cellphone number and its current location. Initially it will detect the area code, providing you the region of the country where the mobile call was made. This will give you a hit where the person calling you is and the place from where they bought the phone and where they are actually calling you from. Meanwhile the internet search does not give the exact area of the MetroPCS phone, it will generally give an idea where it was purchased.

GPS tracking:
Not all phones would automatically display who is calling you. Certain mobiles need to be connected with the internet or need a tracking software to instantly reveal it. Some smart phones with MetroPCS service will help you can who is calling via MetroPCS’ screenIT service. It gets linked with your contact list and instantly recognizes the one calling if the name is registered to the number and reveals the city and state; however, it will only show the number if the number is not registered by the name.

Help from service station:
Suppose a stranger is calling you from a MetroPCS phone asking for a help with any bad intention or is harassing you, one of the ways to track them down is by contacting the authorities and their general, if they could not guess the area, they could at least point out the location. Many people are unaware of this option and directly go for filing a police complaint. Certainly, the MetroPCS service doesn’t encourage people who come up with such queries because many would use it for things that would violate laws. But during emergency situations, they can help you out provided that you give a genuine reason.

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