How to find bed bugs

How to find bed bugs

If you typically find infestation of bed bugs at your residence, then it is better to find and get rid of it early on before it starts to spread. Treating the bed bug problem at the starting stages could make it easier and economically viable to treat and get rid of. During later stages, the same infestation turn out to be not only expensive but also harder to battle with. However, bed bugs are challenging to identify and not taking care of the problem immediately could give the bugs the time and opportunity to spread throughout the house. Some insects like carpet beetles look similar and can easily mistake to identify. Listed below are ways to identify bed bugs and bed bug bites:

How to identify bed bug bites
Bed bug bites mostly look like bites of other insects like chiggers and mosquitoes. Rashes too look similar to fungal infections, hives or eczema. The only greater proof is actually experiencing while the bug bites you on the skin.
– One can accurately identify the bed bug problem with the physical signs of the infestation. For instance, a space in the house or bedding has not been cleaned or changed for a long time.
– One can also look for eggshells which would probably be 1mm in size or dark spots which are bed bug excrements.
– When bed bugs are not feeding, they are usually found around the bed corners, near the seams, piping and tags of the coat or cracks on the mattress or the headboard. If the room is heavily crowded with furniture, they can be seen on the couches, seams of the chair or in-between cushions and folds of the curtains.
– They could also be breeding near electrical boxes or appliances.
– One could even find them near wall hangings, painting not cleaned for a long time, or the ceiling joints. They can squeeze into anything as they are really small and are experts at hiding themselves during the day time.

Bed bug acts and habits
Knowing how bed bugs eat, live and reproduce helps us understand their nature of habits and makes it easier to monitor their presence before they firmly establish themselves in the host’s house.
– Bed bugs usually travel approximately 520 feet from their hiding location
– They are primarily active at night but if they are hungry, they will come out of their hiding spaces no matter what the time, and even in broad daylight.
– They prefer to feed on humans but mammals and birds are also part of their meals.
– The feeding duration can be from 312 minutes.
– The tarry spots or rusty on the bedspread could be the places where the bug hides.

After understanding how bed bugs work, undertaking bed bug pest control is the best thing that works effectively for bed bugs’ elimination.

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