How to differentiate between ski and snowboard jackets

How to differentiate between ski and snowboard jackets

The fit is the basic difference between different kinds of snow jackets. When it comes to skiing, speed becomes the main focus and you will be doing a lot of vigorous movements. So these kinds of ski jackets have slim-fitting, which support aerodynamics and adds to heat retention. Snowboarders’ movements are different from those of skiers since they maintain their balance with their arms, as well as with their snowboard jackets. Snowboard jackets are also longer, particularly at the back; the common factor between both types of jackets is that they both offer little warmth and protection. So, you can interchange these jackets without any major issues.

When it comes to jackets, the major differences usually is in the pants, which are in the fit. Snowboard pants tend to be baggier to allow crouching as well as varied leg movements. Compared to snowboarding, the movements of skiing are less vigorous and the pants and jackets are accordingly designed. However, a tighter fit can help in heat retention, as well assist in trapping the air close to the body. Salopettes usually have reinforced materials which are available for the ankles to avoid your skis from cutting into it; also, extra paddings are found in snowboard specifically at the knees and rear. These protect you if you fall while landing. All such patches lengthened the pants’ lives, but it depends on you on how you use the right pants for the specific activity.

Usually pants and jackets have physical differences which make them accordingly suitable for the particular sport. The styles also differ in the gear design according to the sport they are meant for, snowboarding or skiing. Since in the recent years snowboarding has become much more popular among the skateboarding and surfing crowds, designs and patterns of snowboarding apparel are more varies and innovative. On the contrary, ski gear have limited designs, patterns, and colors. Traditionally, skiing is focused on speed and snowboarding on tricks and style. Although, this might not be true any longer, yet these remain the important factor in the designing of the gears of both sports.

It’s would be best to look for and buy the specific gear to meet your requirement of the specific sport you have taken up. Make sure you check out all snow jacket deals and snow jacket reviews online before purchasing any snow gear. If you are a beginner, you can try a new snow sport and fine to wear any gear (snowboarding or skiing) since all provide warmth, comfort, and protection too. If budget is a concern, look for sports apparel from snow jacket clearance sale where you will find snow jacket discounts.

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