How to choose the right ride-on toy

How to choose the right ride-on toy

Kids ride-on toys remain all the rage and with good reason. They are extremely fun to play with and can cater to very young children as well as 5-year-olds and above. Ride-on toys are terrific additions to any child’s toy collection and can be used in different settings like schools and day care centers as well. Before setting out to purchase one, however, you need to know how to choose it. Since there are so many, picking the right one will ensure kids make the most of it.

Choose age-appropriate ride-on toys
Ride-on toys should be age-appropriate. Despite being designed for small children, some may be built for one-year-olds while others for 5-year-olds. Whether purchasing for your own child or a day care center, always look for ride-on toys that are suitable for the child/children in question. They are safer and will be able to facilitate development better.

Manual vs. battery-operated
Kids ride-on toys are either battery-operated or manual where they must be pushed. Which to choose is entirely up to you and your budget. Battery-operated toys are understandably more expensive, but they are easier to use, as kids do not need to put effort to move them. On the other hand, manual toys encourage physical exertion and are a great way to get kids to use their energy in a positive way. They also move slower, which is a better option for young kids who do not yet have proper control.

Type of ride-on
There are many different types of ride-on toys. You can get simple rocking toys, ride-ons that need to be pushed or pedaled, or ride-ons that are operated by a motor. The toys themselves can come in many shapes. They can look like animals, cars, motorbikes, scooters, and even spaceships. It really depends on what the kids like.

Top quality ride-ons undoubtedly cost more, but there is a reason for that. They’re sturdier, have less sharp parts, and are designed to be safer. They last much longer too. If you are in the market for a ride-on, set aside a little extra in your budget so that you get a quality item.

Get safety equipment
Depending on the type of ride-on you choose and the age of the child, add safety gear to the list. Helmets should always be a priority, with elbow and knee guards following closely. Kids will still need to be supervised with this safety equipment, but it will protect them from nasty injuries.

Choose the right size
Ride-ons are designed with a child’s average height in mind. However, smaller or bigger kids will need toys that suit their size well. It is always a good idea to take along the child and have him or her sit on it. The kid’s feet should be able to reach the floor and his or her arms should be on the handle.

Indeed, ride-on toys can be the ultimate toys for kids. Not only are they a whole lot of fun, but they also help kids develop by honing their balance, coordination, social skills, and cognitive skills.

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