How does drug rehab happen?

How does drug rehab happen?

There are many inpatient drug rehab centers in Chicago that help in getting those ravaged by drug overuse to resume their normal lives. There are different kinds of treatment pursued by these centers and each of these treatments addresses a specific problem.

Most of these inpatient drug rehab centers in Chicago offer a comprehensive solution to the drug problems faced by your teen. They try to understand the behavioral, emotional, developmental, psychological and other factors before yanking the patient out of his drug overuse habit. A good drug rehab center also tries to understand the social, cultural and familial values of the patient while treating him for substance abuse.

A good drug rehab program takes the patient through the following steps during his stay in the center. A set of goals is also agreed upon by the patient, his family and the rehab authorities.The duration of his stay is dependent upon his achievement of those goals. These steps are:
Admission by the patient that he/ she had no control over his/ her addiction. Acceptance by the patient of the fact that a stronger power is needed by him to overcome his drug problem. Submitting to this stronger power (also called God) for coming out of this man-made problem of drug overuse. Doing a deep analysis about oneself and identifying the weaknesses and shortcomings. The rest of the steps involve taking help from God in ridding oneself from drug overuse.

While the above-mentioned steps are spiritual in orientation, many drug rehab clinics also use more practical and verifiable steps such as:
Assessment- When a patient first walks inside a drug rehab, he is formally interviewed by a team of doctors, psychologists and other support staff. The patient is asked questions about his family, medical history, social environment etc. to get a firm idea about his drug related problems. The patient will also be asked questions as to when he started taking drugs.
The first instinct of many patients is to lie at this stage and not be upfront on their medical history but it is always better to be as honest as possible during the assessment stage. Answers to all these questions are kept private and their truthfulness helps in the authorities determine the best course of treatment.

Detoxification- Contrary to popular belief, detox does not completely rid you of drugs but assists you on the path of recovery. Detoxification may take a few days or last for a few weeks. In many drug rehab centers, detoxification is accompanied by medication to make this process less painful. There is certified detox expert who assists the patient through the process of detoxification.

Rehabilitation and Aftercare- These two processes are the most critical ones in the entire rehab process. Once the patient cleans himself up from the drugs, he is coached and counselled by a team of specialists to lead a better and drug-free life.

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