Everything You Need to Know About Rugs

Everything You Need to Know About Rugs

A rug, as we all know, is a floor cover made of a dense woven material or from animal skin. Usually, it is not spread over the entire floor. While selecting a rug for your home or office, it is essential to think beyond design. The rug’s material will affect its durability, feel, and functionality. Regardless of whether you are choosing a Persian rug or a runner for your hallway, it is crucial to understand the materials that are used to craft rugs as well as the techniques used to make them.

Types of rugs

  • Hand-knotted rugs: These rugs use natural fibers and are considered to be of the highest quality. They have greater durability and longevity than other types of rugs. These will last for generations if treated well. They also display the skills of the craftsmen which is the reason why these rugs are pretty expensive.
  • Flat-weave or hand-woven rugs: These types of rugs use natural fibers, but as the name suggests, they are flat and have no height and no pile. The pile of the rug refers to the density of its fibers.
  • Hand-tufted rugs: These are made by using a device that punches strands of wool into a canvas. Even though they seem handcrafted, they do not require the same skills needed for making a hand-knotted rug. They are also relatively inexpensive because it takes lesser time to make them.
  • Machine-made rugs: Energy looms are used to make these rugs. This rapid technology can be used to make products with natural or artificial fibers, or a mixture of both. While these rugs are long-lasting, they may not have the same sturdiness as a hand-knotted rug.

Selecting the best material for your rug
No one material can be considered the best fabric for rugs. You need to discover which one suits your needs. Each fabric has its advantages and disadvantages, and your pick should depend on your requirements. It’s crucial to ask yourself where the rug will be placed, and what type of use and traffic it’s going to get. If you’re looking for durability and toughness and don’t mind investing a bit more money, you should go for a wool rug. If you want to opt for an artificial fabric with high sturdiness, nylon is your best choice. Nylon rugs are best for areas that see excessive visitors. In a kid’s room, you should look for softer textures, brighter shades, and stain resistance. Polypropylene would be an excellent alternative for this kind of space. Sometimes, pets can also contribute to your decision. If you have a cat that claws through rugs, you should search for a product with a low pile or tighter weave.

We hope this article has brought some clarity about which rug you should choose.

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