Here’s what mobile patrol app is all about

Here’s what mobile patrol app is all about

Mobile patrol app is a great solution to connect with communities and find crucial safety information, news alerts, and critical information about the communities. The application is free and helps law enforcement agencies to receive prompt updates of relevant safety information. The app lets law enforcement agencies to stay in touch with the citizens of the community.

The mobile patrol application has been made to help law agencies to communicate essential safety information conveniently. A public safety officer can very conveniently get access to the application suite by registering their agency practically at no cost.

The application is known to perform several impressive functions through some interactive features including mobile patrol inmate search. By connecting with the local community on the app, users get to see latest bookings, send the most wanted list, search for sex offenders in the area and get access to sensitive news and information. The Mobile patrol inmate search app is also instrumental in soliciting crime tips from citizens. This can be done by submitting tips straight from the user’s cell phone. The app effectively makes reporting a sighting placed on the wants list extremely easy.

The users and citizens also get to receive regular public safety notifications regarding traffic conditions, missing individuals, most wanted criminals, school alerts, community updates, and more. Another crime reporting feature on the application helps citizens conveniently report a crime, most wanted criminals, missing inmates, lost children, and the like. A ‘report it’ feature helps citizens to report criminal cases of harassment, bullying, nuisance, traffic, lost pets, lost items, and more. Users of the mobile patrol inmate search app also get smart newsfeeds on high priority sensitive alerts.

Mobile patrol app also provides detailed information of the most wanted criminals along with an elaborate list of the name, photo, last known address, personal information, reported charges, and more. Mobile patrol inmate search option also allows you to check detailed inmate view, release date, time, charges, and more.

The public report feature in the app is a type of mobile patrol inmate search feature that gives citizens and law enforcement agencies the access to recent records and critical information about the inmates, issued warrants, missing children cases, sex offender information, and most wanted list. The application can be integrated with other social media platforms to publish news all at once.

The application is available for free downloads for Android and iOS mobile device users. By simply downloading the Mobile Patrol app, you can begin receiving safety updates. The application has many updated versions that help you stay safe and informed.

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