Frequently asked questions about O’reilly auto parts

Frequently asked questions about O’reilly auto parts

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a major auto parts retailer chain in the United States operating over 4800 stores across 47 states. The company is listed in NASDAQ and employs over 74,000 staff members. It sells auto parts that fall under an extensive list of categories from hundreds of automotive manufacturers and brands. The company is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. Here are a few frequently asked questions about making a purchase from O’Reilly Auto Parts.

How to purchase the right auto parts?
O’Reilly mentions four steps to purchasing the right auto part for your vehicle. Choosing the perfect part that fits your vehicle is extremely essential, and failing to do so, might damage your car. This can prove to be a very expensive affair. Therefore, follow the suggested methods to choose the right part for your vehicle.

Step 1 Provide the right information regarding your vehicle. If you are having trouble with this, visit a store and get your query clarified from a member of staff.

Step 2 If there isn’t a store near you, call O’Reilly’s Customer Service.

Step 3 Compare the representative photo of the part you are purchasing from the website with that of the original part. Ensure they match before paying.

Step 4 Once the part has been delivered to your doorstep, compare it with the original part. If you notice any differences, get in touch with the store or customer service before installing it.

Can products purchased online be returned?
Most products bought online can be returned to the online store, unless mentioned otherwise. You can even return an online purchase at an O’Reilly store near you. You can obtain more information about the return policy on their website.

How does shipping work?
O’Reilly ships only to locations in the United States. You can avail free shipping for orders costing $75 or above, except for locations in Hawaii and Alaska. Items that require special care while shipping as well as oversized auto parts are not eligible for free shipping either.

How to check the availability of auto parts?
You can check if a particular part is available in a store in any of the locations. First you need to locate a store near you. Click on Store Locator tab in the main page. Enter your zip code or city and state. You can choose stores with 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 miles distance from you. Click Find. After selecting your store, type in the part number/ name in the search box located on the upper left side of the page. Press enter to see if the part is currently available.

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