Different types of Public Records you should be aware about

Different types of Public Records you should be aware about

Public records are available on the public domain for access and research purposes. These are broadly classified into categorized depending on their nature and confidentiality. This list summarizes the different types of public records and their uses.

Records maintained for Census: As the name suggests, Census records are maintained on the public domain to keep track of the number of births and deaths. These records are also helpful for certain statistical purposes. Birth and death records are available on the public domain since they help in ascertaining the general family tree and tracing back their origin based on the information provided.

Criminal and related records: Records pertaining to repeat offenders, registered sex offenders, people with criminal history, are available on the public domain to keep the citizens well informed about such people threatening their very safety. A list of registered sex offenders and their location allows the citizens to locate them and stay away from such characters.

Information pertaining to consumer rights: In today’s day and age, consumer is king. Consumer rights laws are very strict and provide stringent guidelines to be followed by vendors and providers of all goods. A database is maintained in the public domain informing citizens about certain products that may be harmful for consumption or products which have been recalled subject to tests and safety to be ascertained. Information is generally related to fair trade practices, fair pricing, etc overall for the benefit of the end consumer.

Court and legal records: These are available in the form of dockets, which is a compilation of all relevant information intended generally for research purposes. The information may be of use to local law enforcement agencies in relation to cases ongoing or pending.

Minutes of various meetings: Minutes generally refer to the detailed summary of proceedings and meetings conducted. They highlight the main points raised in a meeting, also include a list of the people who attended the meeting, suitable course of action to be taken for all issues discussed in the meeting.
Registry of Voters: A mandatory requirement which lists all the details about voters registered. Voter registration in the United States is a must for all people who will be voting in Federal, State and local elections.

Information available in the public domain keeps citizens alert and helps authorities maintain law and order.

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