Companies providing free government cell phones

Companies providing free government cell phones

If one has an issue with paying off the mobile bills or has a non-affordable plan, then the government has different free government cell phone plans lined up for people like you. Lifeline Assistance, a government-sponsored free cell phone plan that is compulsory by FCC and is given to economically disadvantaged people only. Deals like 250 minutes talk time, texting and internet on a low cost are available for such people. There are around 12 to 15 million subscribers to the free government cell phones and another 5 million lined up to subscribe for the same. Some of the free government cell phone providers under the Lifeline Assistance are as follows:

Access Wireless
It is a free cell phone with 750 minutes talk time, unlimited messaging, and internet pack of 200mb per month. States like Alabama, Arizona, California, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois etc. are accessible to these offers. If you are eligible the free government cell phones are on a subsidized rate on local and outstation numbers. California by luck has a special consumer deal plan with 1000 free minutes and messages and a data of 250mb per month.

American Assistance
This company gives up to 500 free text messages and 500 minutes talk time every month. This company is also on the alias of American broadband and telecommunications and has offers on call minutes and messaging. These phones get free caller id, call waiting options and a three- way conference calling option with a voice mail inbuilt as well. There are no free data services hence people who want internet on this would suffer,

Assurance Wireless
350 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting and around 500MB free internet if you opt for Assurance wireless. Low income residents from California get all this for free. The smartphone provided would be a new Android model. The users who would require more than 350 minutes talk time can top it up on a low cost with the Virgin Mobile top-up cards.

Bluejay Wireless
A free cellphone with 250 to 500 minutes of free talk time and unlimited messaging. No internet data is provided on this scheme with the Bluejay Wireless. You can pay an extra fee of $26 to use data services by them every month with a 5GB for residents of California and if you live outside of California you can add another $3.60 for extra 500MB. You can get a non-smartphone if you enroll for a free government cell phone on Bluejay Wireless as they do not give data services.

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