Chenille bedspreads are a beautiful decor for your bedroom

Chenille bedspreads are a beautiful decor for your bedroom

Everyone loves to have beautiful bedspreads. The origin of Chenille bedspreads dates back to 1930’s in Georgia. During this period, the US highway 41 was lined with a clothesline full of chenille bedspreads. People passing through the highway would often top and buy these bedspreads.

Chenille can be an excellent choice for those who want to give a luxurious yet traditional look for their bedroom. They give a cozy feeling in winter and in the months of summer they look light. These bedspreads make your bedroom look peaceful and homely which had made them more popular than the cotton bedspreads.

Chenille bedspreads come in two varieties namely hobnail and needle tuft.

Needle tuft: In this variety, the loops are raised but not cut. The loops in needle tuft are always made in floral patterns.

Hobnail: In hobnail variety, the loops remain uncut but their pattern is compact.

Where can they be bought?

The most prevalent chenille brands in the market today are Cabin Crafts, Bates, Morgan Jones, Hofmann. Bates was the first company to produce hobnail chenille. They use hobnail pattern to make bedspreads for Martha and George Washington. You can find the reproduction of these bedspreads in most of the branded stores. Giant stores like Walmart, Target, and Sears sell the reproduction of these bedspreads. You can find big sales and discount offers online in stores like Better Homes and Gardens and Etsy. Stores like Bates mills store, vintage chenille bedspread and chenille bedspread offer bedspreads of all sizes and varieties online. You can also shop them at exclusive stores like Vintage Chenille Bedspread and Vermont country store.

How to clean?

Chenille fabric needs to be cleaned as per the instructions given. If you add a stain by accident, get it treated right away. Otherwise, it becomes hard to remove the stain from the fabric. Use a cotton towel or a baby brush to faint the stain. If the stain is hard to remove at home use the services of upholstery cleaners.

These bedspreads bring in a traditional look to your bedroom.

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