Certified pre-owned, a checklist to help you buy your next

Certified pre-owned, a checklist to help you buy your next

There are number of things you should tick off your checklist, before you can actually go ahead and sign a deal with the dealership. This is very important and even more crucial when it comes to buying preowned vehicles.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should do proper research, but where to start and what are the factors that should be taken into consideration before you go ahead and check out that new car or bike for that matter is the challenge.

Here is an extensive checklist that will help you narrow down the important factors that make up a pre-owned vehicle inspection.

There are a number of exterior check to be done on the body of the car you are planning to buy. Although you may not be an expert when it comes identifying automobile related problems, there are a few easy indicators for which you don’t necessarily need an engineering degree. Walk around and take note of all the minute scratches, dents, dings, that you can find. Open and close all the doors, windows, boot spaces, engine hood.

Check for the tires and make sure they are of the same brand and that the seller is not cutting corners in order to save a few bucks and raise his profit. Tires are the most essential part of the vehicle and they should be in drivable condition in order for you to have the safest ride possible. Wheel balancing and tire rotation are regular maintenance procedures, check the vehicles maintenance report to see if they have been done on a regular basis. Lights are again a very important component, for night driving and while driving through foggy areas. Make sure the components are in order and wont fail you out on the road.

Check the interior of the car you are buying, make sure there is no funky smell which might be the result of some coolant leak or oil leak, the fumes being vented through the air conditioning. This can cause serious problems while driving and hence you have to ensure the cab of the vehicle is smell free except for the fresh pine you will put up on the rearview mirror.

Check the seats, instrument panels, every tiny little component on the dashboard. If your vehicle has a sunroof, check to ensure its proper working. All the mechanisms that control these little gadgets and gizmos should be examined to ensure proper working order. Check under the hood also, to ensure the belts, engine hoses, radiator components and all the fluids needed for the engine to function properly are there.

The final thing left to do is take a test drive and figure out for yourself whether the vehicle is worth putting up the investment and only then, do the necessary paperwork.

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