Best wooden floor cleaners for hardwood cleaning

Best wooden floor cleaners for hardwood cleaning

Wooden flooring is difficult to take care of as the wood gets spoiled when it comes in contact with water. So the best wood floor cleaning products are those that do not have harsh chemicals as they can be dangerous to the people in the house. There is a wide range of wood floor cleaning products available in the market, but care should be taken that the best cleaning products really clean the floor but are not dangerous to the people residing in the house.

Even though the wood floor might be cleaned on a weekly basis, dirt and grime get accumulated on the floor over a prolonged period. Many people think about changing the wooden floor, but it might not be feasible economically as it costs thousands of dollars.

An intensive cleaning procedure can remove all the stains and marks thoroughly from a wooden floor. Cleaning the floor with a broom and mopping it using a cleaning liquid can remove the dirt and grime, but removing the stains that stubborn need special techniques. Here are a few of the best wood floor cleaning products:

  • Murphy oil soap: When you are looking for wood floor cleaning products that clean the floor rather than make it shiny and which comes at an affordable price, Murphy oil soap is the best option. The wooden floor usually has a build up of wax which can be cleaned using this vegetable based soap.
  • Method wood floor cleaner: This is another biodegradable wood floor cleaning product. This cleaning product can remove the dirt and grime thoroughly from the wooden floor. As this is non-toxic, this is safe to use in the presence of pets and children. This product can be used if you are trying to clean the wooden floor properly without making it just shiny and lustrous.
  • Bona wood floor cleaner: Another best wood floor cleaning product is Bona wood floor cleaner. This is recommended by most of the floor installers. This is expensive when compared to other cleaning liquids, but the way this cleaning liquid cleans the floor by removing the dirt and grime without making the floor dull makes it a favorite among professional cleaners. Another advantage of this floor cleaner is that it is non-toxic, which makes it safe to use with children and pets. This wood floor cleaning product is difficult to obtain from normal grocery stores which makes it inaccessible to normal people.
  • Pledge wood floor cleaner: Another cheap and affordable wood floor cleaning product is the Pledge wood floor cleaner. It cleans the wooden floor and removes the buildup of wax completely. But the disadvantage with this cleaning product is that it contains chemicals and is not biodegradable. As this cleaning liquid contains harsh chemicals, it may not be safe to use with pets and kids.

The weekly routine of cleaning the wooden floor with a broom and mopping it with a cleaning liquid may not be sufficient after years of wear and tear. So you clean your wood floors with the above cleaning products that are good in removing dirt and grime thoroughly. The buildup of wax is a major issue of wooden floors; the wax can be removed using these cleaning liquids. It is better to choose a cleaning liquid which can remove the buildup of wax, does not make the floor dull, and is free of harsh chemicals for intensive cleaning of the wooden floor. Ensure that before buying a wood floor cleaning product, you research it well.

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