Rocking horse and other toys for your toddler

Rocking horse and other toys for your toddler

Toddlers need constant entertainment and attention. They love things that move and make noise and the gift is bound to be a complete winner if it can do both. While a rocking horse is a great idea and is popular with kids there are other toys that will keep your toddler occupied. Here are five toddler toy ideas including the trusty rocking horse to keep your little one happy and content.

DIY kits
Toddlers are very fond of assembling and disassembling or rather breaking and building. DIY kits are excellent to feed the builder in any toddler. DIY kits range from putting together jungle with monkeys, birds, and tigers to the fictional fairly land full with fairies and mischievous dwarves.

Designed specifically for toddlers, DUPLO bricks are about twice the size of typical LEGO bricks. This makes them easier to be handled by little toddler hands without the fear of being swallowed accidentally. Every toddler deserves a personal LEGO DUPLO kit. Many different LEGO DUPLO sets are available out there to enjoy building houses to trains and cars. Some of these DUPLO sets come with alphabets engraved on the plastic bricks to let your little one get the much-needed dose of alphabet learning in addition to having build-them-up fun.

Rocking Horse
Allow your little one to enjoy horse riding with a cool rocking horse. In case, you do not know about the popular toys, it is a form of a horse, often made using wooden or plastic, mounted on top of a rocker. Though every make has some variation over others, there are two popular types of rocking horses. In one variant, the toy horse is attached to a pair of curved rockers directly in contact with the ground or surface. In the second rocking horse variant, the toy horse hangs on top of a rigid frame with the help of iron straps. This toy provides the kid a fair learning about motion and balancing skill along with the joy of riding a muted horse.

Let your little one learn the basics of biking with a trike. Essentially a toy tricycle, a trike is perfect for vigorous toddlers. These toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and builds to choose from. While some trikes only allow your tot to enjoy mere biking, other variations feature some form of learning system like singing and chanting alphabets to allow her to learn and play simultaneously.

Twist & drill set
A great way to teach your toddler how to fix things is via a twist & drill set. The playable varies from compiling cars and trucks to putting together structures like buildings and empires. Most of these toy sets feature a battery-powered drill and several nuts and bolts made from soft toy material. Many twist & drill sets feature a box for accommodating the complete set and carrying it around with ease.

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