Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the country

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals in the country

If you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at this point in time, why pay the full retail price? Having been in the market for nearly a year, you should be able to get great deals that are nowhere near the initial market price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Whether it is an online retailer or whether you plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus contract phone from a mobile carrier like Verizon or AT&T, this article will make it easier for you to choose between some great deals.

Listed below are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus contracts deals and discounts to own and enjoy one of the best smartphones in recent times.

While this carrier does not discount the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus off its original price, the price has surely come down. Currently, Verizon offers the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus deals for 24 monthly payments of about $32 each at a cumulative price of about $768. Along with this, you have an added advantage if you are a new Verizon customer: you can obtain a $150 prepaid card with the new account.

Just like other competitors and carriers, AT&T does not discount the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus from its original price, but it does sell it for a lot less than that—to be precise, $100 less than when it was released. AT&T sells the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for a price of about $755, i.e., over a period of 30 months at the rate of about $25 per installment. This is the lowest monthly payment across all carriers, as well as a greater number of months.

Sprint offers a flexible 18-month lease for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at a price of about $744 or an installment of about $17 per month, which has reduced from its previous installments of about $31/month. If one takes this deal today, then they can, after 18 months, return the phone and upgrade to a new model or buy it via 6-month payments or a lump sum payment. Along with this, Sprint is offering a $100 prepaid MasterCard for each new line of service for switching to Sprint and leasing a new phone.

If you aren’t interested in a Samsung S8 Plus contract phone, then the Samsung website is offering an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for about $590 for both Midnight Black and Coral Blue colors.

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