Best plants to grow in a greenhouse

Best plants to grow in a greenhouse

A greenhouse is a glass structure where one can grow plants in regulated climatic conditions. The way this works is that the interior of the greenhouse that is exposed to sunlight traps the heat and warmth making it warmer than the temperature outside, thus protecting the plants in cold weather.

Greenhouses can be of various sizes, ranging from a small shed to large industrial-sized structures.

If you’re just starting out and want to find your depth, there are a few fruits, vegetables and flowers that are super-easy to grow. Starting out with these will boost your confidence as a greenhouse gardener and serve the purpose of being great training wheels.

Leafy greens: Most leafy greens in the salad family need the same kind of care and growing different kinds is a good place to start.

Chilies and Peppers: Peppers come with mild to intense taste and growing them is surprisingly easy. Plus there are many varieties so your greenhouse will have a nice pop of color along with nice plump peppers!

Citrus fruits: These fruits can withstand even very cold weather so growing them isn’t really a problem. Melons, oranges, and lemons are some of the wonderful zesty fruits you can start growing as a novice greenhouse owner.

Herbs: These are pretty simple to grow and having them in your greenhouse is a great idea. Mint, parsley, coriander are just some of the herbs that you can consider.

Petunias: These beautiful flowers are a great addition to a greenhouse and can be grown easily all-year through.

Onions: These are a great addition to your greenhouse. In here, they’ll have the correct growing temperature and can be left at peace until they mature.

Ginseng: Not only is this a great medicinal plant to have at hand, but it’s also a potential cash cow and can earn you an additional income.

Microgreens: These are surprisingly easy to grow and do not need too much space – making them perfect to grow in a small greenhouse – if space is what you lack.

Strawberries: This luscious juicy tangy fruit is quite easy to grow and can even be planted in containers so you can move them around the greenhouse if you need to.

Okra: This vegetable grows super-well in the heat so obviously it’s one of the best ones to grow.

Start off your greenhouse venture with these and who knows you just might have that green thumb you’ve wanted all along!

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