Best cheap wireless cell phone plans in the country

Best cheap wireless cell phone plans in the country

Cricket Wireless offers cheap cell phone plans start at around $25 and go up to around $60, but at a minimum rate, you get just a talk and text plan. For data, you have to pay more. High-speed data starts at around $30, where you get 2GB data at high speed, at around $40, you get 5GB at high speed and unlimited data, and at around $55, you get and maximum unlimited data.

The download speed is at 8mbps/4mbps for all plans, except the unlimited plan. The unlimited plan offers a speed of 3mbps and video streaming is at 480p. After 22 GB, the speed may be slowed down by the unlimited max pack plan. In other packs of high-speed data, allowances are reduced to 128kbps if you have exceeded your monthly data allowance. The variation in speed will depend on the device and its location.

All the data plans come with another feature Stream More, which is not offered in unlimited plans. This feature helps you to save data when you are watching videos. The high definition videos are downloaded at standard definition quality of 480p. Cricket activates this feature on your phone. It can be turned on or off as you want and at any time.

You can also go in for a mobile hotspot for around $10. This way, you can share the data with many devices. Ten GB of data is given to unlimited plans for mobile hotspots per month. Once the 10 GB is used, the speed is reduced to 128 kbps for the rest of the billing cycle. For the data, you require a valid phone and plan. This feature is now offered to only current unlimited plans.

All features are available for 30 days only after making the payment. The payments are not refunded in case of monthly plans, nor can they be transferred. The phone usage may be restricted to Cricket Wireless for the first six months. The services terms and regulations may be changed without any notice. The phone can be activated in the store and also upgraded with the help of a fee. Additional fees may be charged for customer assistance, services, and coverage, which may not be available everywhere.

Cricket Wireless has cell phone plans for everyone from light to heavy users; the cheapest plan is at around $30 and the unlimited data is at around $55, and every plan user gets great service. Visit the Cricket Wireless website to find out about more cheap cell phone plans.

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