All about Craftmatic adjustable beds

All about Craftmatic adjustable beds

When it comes to adjustable beds, Craftmatic is the topmost brand to look for. Craftmatic offers these beds at affordable prices, especially when there are discounts, and there are many types and sizes to pick from too. Let’s check out their product details!

Well, size is the primary thing to look for when in search for an adjustable bed. Craftmatic has different sizes ranging from small to double/dual king size.

Different type of beds with different features
Craftmatic believes that comfortable and sound sleep is hampered in non-adjustable beds. Therefore, it provides you the best adjustable beds that suit your body type and sleeping postures.

You are on medication and need little more than an adjustable bed?
You are definitely at the right place. Craftmatic adjustable beds provide you additional heat and massage for low back pain, night time burns and mild arthritis.

You are sleeping with your loved ones and want to enjoy your favorite program on TV but you can’t, since the mattress is too low?
Craftmatic has the solution with all-new thread line Legacy. It has adjustable rising pillows so that you can enjoy TV without any pain in the back. When you are relaxing you can also raise your legs according to your wish along with your head.

Children and pets
Children and your lovely pets are the ones closest to your heart and their safety is obviously your top priority. With the new range of Legacy, you are provided with child and pet safety locks.

Massaging options
It is midnight and you cannot afford to switch on the light and find the massage kit for your aching legs. Well, Craftmatic comes to your rescue! It has a massaging option with two zone wave massager that might save your night. It comes with a remote too.

Cool gel memory foam?
You name it and Craftmatic has it. It boasts of this feature to keep your body and mind cool and comfortable.

You may be wondering how expensive adjustable beds will be with so many features in tow. But the good news is that at Craftmatic, the prices are more reasonable compared to other brands. The company gives you their best quality products at prices that are almost $100 less than other brands.

Why Craftmatic?
Well, the salesmen of this brand don’t believe in disturbing their customers unnecessarily. Hence, they visit you once you call them.
Also, it’s not necessary that you have to like every product you buy. You might find some features that don’t suit your body type or are not at par with your expectations. Hence, Craftmatic provides you a 30-day exchange program so that you can choose what is best for you!

When you come home after a long and tiring day, all you need is a good sleep to have your next morning as fresh as possible. And Craftmatic always wishes to ensure that for you. With trusted products and loyal customers, it has become the #1 brand when it comes to adjustable beds and continues to be so for more than 40 years.

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