A Guide to the Best Washers and Dryers

A Guide to the Best Washers and Dryers

Most of the time, lack of space in the laundry room becomes a major issue. In that case, the combo of a washer and dryer is an ideal solution. Such combos offer the customers a powerful yet heavy-duty option that is space-saving too. The combination of a washer and dryer are designed to fulfill the basic needs of your busy life schedule.

Let us look at the best washer and dryer deals in detail:

Samsung – 4.5 CuFt Platinum 27″ Front Load Washer With 7.5 Cu Ft Platinum 27″ Front-Load Electric Dryer
The cost of this washer dryer is around $1,309.75. The size of the washer is 4.5 cubic foot and the size of a dryer in it is 7.5 cubic foot. This set offers the utility of front-loading washer which makes many users purchase this model. The washer and dryer both feature about 10 cycles for any clothing necessity. You can also add an extra-base washer to increase the washing capacity. The key function of this machine is that it saves your times and energy. You do not have to invest a lot of time with washing. The cycle selection of washing comprises of wrinkle-free washing, normal, heavy duty, with a permanent press, sanitize, time dry as well as quick dry modes. VRT Plus technology in this set makes the washer run quietly, and on the other hand, the Smart Care Technology permits you to give commands from your phone. The vent sensor present in this machine works efficiently.

GE’s 4.2 Cuft White 27″ Top Load Washer With 7.2 Cu. Ft. White 27″ Electric Dryer
Washer machine is the basic need of any individual in this digital age. The cost of this GE machine is around $779.75. Everyone wants to save their time as no one wants to spend such a long time on washing. This GE set consists of a 4.2 cubic foot washer and a 7.2 cubic foot dryer. This combination is one of the best selling pairs in the marketplace. The washer takes 14 wash cycles and dryer takes 4 cycles to complete the washing process. The internal heater present in the washing machine helps the cleansing agent remove tough stains quickly. The washer comprises of a blade wash plate, which is made up of a stainless-steel wash basket. The blades present in this machine are rust-free. The dryer of GE does not make any noise like the other dryers do. Its capability to hold more clothes is impressive, and it also offers the number of benefits to customers. You can set the wash settings according to your requirement.

Samsung – 5.0 Plus 1.0 CuFt FlexWash™ Black Stainless Steel 27″ Front And Top Load Washer
This smart machine will help you wash your laundry with the help of a laundry app. Due to Wi-Fi connectivity, the user can look anytime at the leftover cycle times, and you can set an alert to check the completion of a cycle. With this function, you can operate the washing machine from anywhere by making use of your smartphone. This machine comprises five water temperature setting and different wash cycles including a cleaning cycle. The price of this combo is approximately $2,799.76. If you want to take proper care of your clothes, then this is the best choice which does not take a lot of space in your laundry room too. This set will satisfy all the laundry requirements of a user. This Samsung model will automatically transform the wash cycle into the drying cycle. You do not have to manually change the mode. It has total 11 wash options present in the bottom and 7 wash options present at the top. The stainless steel materials make it durable. Also, it has integrated touch controls.

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