7 Types Of Planners To Help You Stay Organized

7 Types Of Planners To Help You Stay Organized

In order to manage your time in spite of various tasks and schedules, choosing the right calendars and day planners are essential. They not only help you track your time but also trace your long-term and short-term goals both personal and professional. Some of the few factors that you need to consider before you make the purchase are:

  • How do you prepare? Do you schedule by the minute, the hour, the week or the month? According to your requirement, you have to choose your office and school supplies appropriately.
  • Do you need a planner on the go or a planner only for your desk? That’s when the size will matter.
  • Do you plan to manage only your private schedule or of many people? In consequence, you will need office and school supplies in a certain number or of a specific kind.

The various types of office and school supplies regarding planning are:

  • Day planners:

To help keep busy schedules in order are daily planners, weekly planners and monthly planners. Day planners are best for administrators, detail-oriented perfectionists, and those who schedule their appointments. Some of the recommended day planners are Blueline Notepro undated daily planner, at-a-glance weekly appointment book and the house of Doolittle which is a 14-month ruled monthly planner.

  • Group appointment books:

Group appointment books help to track multiple schedules in busy offices. Group appointment books are best for the reception, medical rooms, and law practices. Some of the recommended group appointment books are At-a-glance eight-people group daily appointment book, At-a-glance four-person group practice updated daily appointment book and the House of Doolittle eight-person group daily.

  • Personal organizers:

Refillable personal organizer books help you trace appointments, contact information, with space for notes and even storage pockets. Best for people who multitask, business travelers, and salespeople. Some of the recommended personal organizers are day-timer Avalon leatherlike vinyl starter set, Franklin Covey original organizer deluxe starter set, and Ability-one day max time management system.

  • Calendar boards:

One of the best office and school supplies are calendar boards. Calendar board planners are perfect for managing people, even vacation schedules, project timelines and student assignments. These kind of planners are the best for human resource managers, project managers, and educators. Some of the recommended calendar boards are a quartet motion cubicle dry-erase monthly calendar, the House of Doolittle all-purpose planner and the Board Dudes magnetic dry-erase calendar board.

  • Desk calendars:

One of the office and school supplies that are useful for everyone are desk calendars. Desk pad calendars keep the month or the day in sight and offer plenty of space to jot down appointments and reminders. Recommended desk pad calendars are At-a-glance compact desk pad, visual organizer executive monthly desk pad calendar and the House of Doolittle black-on-white photo monthly desk pad calendar.

  • Wall calendars:

Hanging wall calendars portray a month or more so multiple people can efficiently cooperate. This way of planning is best for long-term planners when you want to plan the prominent picture and to track your long-term goals. Some of the recommended hanging wall calendars are House of Doolittle Earthscapes reversible/erasable yearly wall calendar, At-a-glance black and white wall calendar and brown line twin wire-bound wall calendar.

  • School calendar planners

A school calendar planner is one of the office and school supplies which is not only best for educators, students, coaches but also for school administrators. These planners are meant for a 13 or 14 month academic year. Most of these books double as assignment books. Dayminder 14-month ruled monthly planner, Riegle press national school calendar daily planner and At-a-glance recycled daily academic appointment books are some of the recommended school calendar planners.

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