5 popular probiotic brands in the US

5 popular probiotic brands in the US

Probiotic supplements are becoming increasingly prominent as people have now become aware and alert these days on the reduced gut bacteria content in their food. Given below are a few of the top-rated probiotics supplements in the market.

: This is a drinkable probiotic which is sweet yogurt. This drink has been top rated probiotic throughout Asia, Europe, and America. This drink builds the immune system and improves digestion. They have a peculiar feature of suppressing pathogenic bacterial growth. It also improves the intestinal functions and the modulation of the immune system. You can see them available among the dairy items in any grocery store.

Bio K+Probiotics: This top-rated probiotic has been in the market for years and is one of the oldest. They have been marked as high potency supplements since the 1970s. They ensure to bring the dynamic balance of good and bad bacteria with versions like rice, soy, and dairy supplements and removes the bad bacteria that affects the immune system and digestion to defend ourselves against viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

GT’s Kombucha: This is one of the top-rated probiotics. Even if this isn’t much powerful, the tea version is very good for our taste buds. After a heavy meal, this drink is amazing. Kombucha is produced after following a fermentation process of microorganisms. This also helps in producing lactic acid in the body, which hinders bad bacteria to make us healthier.

Renew – Life: It is one of the top-rated probiotics around the market. It is protected by a special enteric coding all the way to the intestines where they help relieve digestive distress and support immunity by acting fast.

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics: This one is creating blends, having more than 30 different probiotic strains. They claim that they are kept intact from growing and drying phases to encapsulation hence are not denatured or broken down on the most heat-sensitive raw materials.

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