5 electronic document signing software that you can use

5 electronic document signing software that you can use

Everything in recent years has been turning digital, right from essentials to non-essentials. Name it, and the Internet will present it from its vast data. One of the things we are familiar with, thanks again to the Internet, is sharing documents. The easiest form of sharing information with each other is creating a pdf and sending it off to as many people as you want.

It is time we all move on to the use of electronic signatures instead of wasting tonnes of paper and printing out multiple copies of the same document. Let us learn why electronic document signing software is an invention you should be turning to.

What is an electronic document signing software?

Simply put, an electronic signature is an image of your actual signature or your mark that you can use on documents electronically. Programs that allow you to do this are known as electronic document signing software. This can be done on any device and operating system. All you have to do is install the required software and get signing.

Why should you be using it?

A lot of companies still email documents that need signing. This means this person will have to print, sign, scan, and then mail them back to you. Or, they can alternatively submit a hardcopy. This process is time-consuming, but it can also be difficult to get things done on time. Using e-signatures instead of emailing documents can hence prove beneficial in multiple ways. It saves time and resources, maintains easily accessible document records. And it even sends reminders and tracks activity.

The Internet is brimming with options for you to try out. There are hundreds of electronic document signing software available on the market that you can check out. To help you save your time and your documents, we have a list of the top five software. Have a look at these programs before you take the leap from manual to electronic.

Adobe Sign

Among the big names in the software development industries – Adobe’s signing software is available in web and app versions. The software lets you customize your electronic signature and provides various compliance checks for the document to ensure its authenticity and legality. This user-friendly program is widely used and is compatible with all Microsoft programs.


DocuSign is yet another popular name in the list. Compatible with everything from Microsoft to Google to Apple, it is easy to use across all your devices. The software comes with strict encryption technology and employs the best industry practices to keep your data secure.

Secured Signing

The unique feature of this cloud-based software is that it provides video confirmation. This helps in confirming that the right person accesses and signs the document. Additionally, it’s multi-page signing feature makes it easier and faster.

OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign has quite a few big names attesting to their services. This software is used by small and huge companies alike. The interface is user friendly and can be juggled across multiple devices.

KeepSolid Sign
This software is a production of the security tool publishing brand KeepSolid. The software boasts of company-level encryptions. The software also lets you access your documents offline once you have imported it from one of the many supported platforms.

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