5 benefits of employee recognition awards

5 benefits of employee recognition awards

As kids, we used to love the treats we received when we behaved, and this, in turn, would prompt us to behave well in future. The same psychology is applied when it comes to looking after one’s team. If you own a company or are leading a team, you are responsible for keeping your team motivated. Nothing works, as well as appreciation and every team member, will work even better when they see that their efforts receive recognition. That’s why it is quite advisable to begin a trend of employee recognition awards at your workplace.

Employee recognition awards can be given to the chosen employee in the form of gift vouchers, or tickets to a concert, or even a celebration. However, employee recognition awards are more than just a tool of motivation; it has some other added benefits.

Here are some amazing benefits of conferring the employee recognition awards on your deserving employees.

  • More motivated employees– When people see their work partners being the recipient of employee recognition awards, they too feel motivated to work harder, be more efficient, and deal with the situation at hand with more diligently. Everyone wishes to be at the receive appreciation for their efforts, and also, it will promote healthy competition among the workmates.
  • Upholds your organization’s image– These days before joining a company even the potential employees do a background check. There are various online portals where people would rate the company on their overall performance, and how they treat their employees is one of these parameters. When they see that you confer deserving employees with employee recognition awards, your company will become more popular.
  • Loyalty towards the company– One of the benefits of conferring your hardworking employees to an employee recognition awards is that it instills in them a sense of loyalty towards their employer. When these employees realize that the employer knows and appreciates their efforts, they remain loyal to the company. So, you won’t have to worry about your employees being swayed away by competition.
  • Promotes team spirit– You can even confer an employee recognition award to an entire team. This will promote a sense of team spirit amongst them. The team members will realize that their collective effort has brought them recognition, and this will prompt them to work together and harder in future.
  • Retention– If the company doesn’t pay attention to its employee’s needs and doesn’t appreciate the efforts they put in to help the company excel in its ventures, there are high chances that they might quit the company after a year or two, and you are at a risk of losing efficient employees. Employee recognition awards symbolize your gratitude towards them and help in retaining an excellent workforce.

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