3 Ways to Get Free Government Laptops

3 Ways to Get Free Government Laptops

The government keeps introducing new initiatives to meet everybody’s needs. In today’s day and age, one needs the support of laptops to grow in life, professionally as well as personally. Here are some ways that you can get hold of free government laptops:

Connect with foundations
There are plenty of foundations that provide free laptops to citizens in need of them. They are associated with the government, and their aim is to enhance the social status of the people living in the country. Here are the top organizations that you may consider:

  • The On It Foundation
    Standing for opportunities necessary to increase technology, The On It Foundation is one of the best options for getting free government laptops.
  • PCs for People
    This initiative began in the year 1998, and it has given many free laptops ever since then. The three prominent criteria for getting a laptop from this initiative are — working with a social worker, belonging to a family under 200% poverty level, or having a disabled family member.
  • InterConnection
    In an attempt to bridge the digital divide, InterConnection helps you get a free laptop by connecting you to different providers. It has been in this same industry for the past 20 years.
  • The World Computer Exchange
    With chapters across the globe, the World Computer Exchange’s mission is to provide laptops to people who need them. However, they do have some guidelines that dictate your eligibility to get these laptops.

Check programs in your state
Various state authorities have initiatives to provide free government laptops to needy people. Some of the most popular foundations carrying out this work are:

  • Seattle Community Network (SCN)
    Get free government laptops from the SCN. They have been providing computers since 1994, and the laptops they currently give are ready for internet use.
  • Komputers 4 R Kids
    This non-profit organization is specifically for people in the Los Angeles County and the Orange County. Additionally, they also provide student education programs.
  • Everyone On
    This particular program is available in 48 states, including the District of Columbia.

Check out the Department of Social and Health Services
The Department of Social and Health Services connects you to eligible donors and entities who, in turn, will help you get free government laptops. Additionally, some online universities associated with the government also help you procure these laptops.

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