3 truck driving jobs you should be aware of

3 truck driving jobs you should be aware of

The trucking driving industry has boomed over the last few decades and has introduced many new jobs for truck drivers. The growth has also resulted in some new benefits for the truck drivers. The truck drivers now have many different job designations and positions to apply for. The new job opportunities are designed to get them good job experience and better-paying jobs. Following are some of the different types of truck driving jobs.

Independent truck driving jobs
An independent truck driver is a position that would need you to own a truck as well as an active truck driving license. This type of truck driving job is registered as a Professional Employee Driver. In this case, the driver does not work for any company but is an independent entity who gets truck driving jobs for himself. These truck drivers have their own truck, but they work as employees for carriers; however, they aren’t associated with a company. They can also have a small business that they use their truck for.

Company truck driving jobs
Company truck drivers work for particular truck driving companies. The trucks and equipment for these truck drivers are provided by the companies. According to the statistics, most truck drivers with an active license have taken up company truck driving jobs over independent truck driving jobs. There are many trucking companies in the country, and they provide high-quality transportation services. Taking up a truck driving job will require the driver to have a Class A CDL drivers license and undergo a training organized by the company.

Specialized truck driving jobs
Performing well at a truck driving does not only require skills, it also requires a high amount of courage as it is not easy to drive big trucks on the roads. A specialized truck driving job is a higher-paying job with many more responsibilities. The specialized truck driving jobs include water hauling, car hauling, fuel transportation, ice road trucking, cattle transportation, and snow plow services. A small part of the specialized truck driving jobs also includes transportation of hazardous material, which requires a massive amount of training and experience.

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