3 essential horse-training aids for beginners

3 essential horse-training aids for beginners

Training your horse is not the easiest thing to do, and certain aids can make this task a whole lot simpler. They can help break bad habits, achieve the perfect outline, and even help the horse better understand instructions. But choosing the right horse training can be a difficult and time-consuming task. To make it simpler, here are a few aids that are essential for every beginner.

Halters are commonly used training aids that allow the rider to manage and control the horse. It is typically made of a long nylon rope and is knotted in a specific way that makes it a halter. You may also find rope halters that are made out of leather. The rope halter comes with loops at the bottom that allow you to connect your reins to it. The knots on the halter are also tied in a manner where they rest over the pressure points of the horse’s face. This allows the rider to communicate pressure as well as release to the horse during the process of training. It is also very important to apply just enough pressure and not too much since the halter is placed on the horse’s face. It is important to remember that the halter is used for communication and not to hurt or punish the horse in any way.

Lead rope
A lead rope, also known as a lead, is another essential piece of horse training aid. It is attached to the halter and can be either integrated into the halter or added as an external training aid. When attached externally, the lead rope is connected by a large and heavy clip. This allows you to remove and use the lead as and when required. The lead rope is great when it comes to laying the groundwork for day-to-day training activities. What many do not know is that the longer the lead rope the better. This is because a longer lead rope allows you to easily maneuver the horse. It also makes communication easy as the horse can be at some distance from the ride rather than being directly next to them.

Lunge whip
Another vital horse training aid is the lunge whip. This is a long whip that is typically over 4 ft in length and is used to lunge the horse in a circle around you. Aside from this, the lunge whip can be used for desensitizing and communicating with the horse. It is very important to remember that the lunge whip merely exists as a way to educate the horse rather than to punish them. Use them carefully as you do not want the horse to be afraid of them.

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